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The Art of Anticipation

I just had a phenomenal experience at The M Resort Spa & Casino in Las Vegas and feel the need to share a few of the highlights – most notably, this resort’s ability to anticipate my needs.  I was visiting the area for a wedding very near The M; all of the guests were staying there – so it was not something I put a lot of thought into.  I booked about 4 months in advance which meant I was able to get the amazing rate of $100/night with my Nevada resident discount – yes really!

Until receiving the customer service survey, I was impressed but couldn’t quite put my finger on what had done it – I just knew it was fantastic.  Here is a quick synopsis of my visit and what I found to be so incredible.  Please visit this extraordinary resort if you have the chance!

  • Prior to my arrival: Sent me an email 4 days prior to my arrival providing phone and email to their concierge, making sure I had directions, transportation, etc.  I was very impressed with the timing and thoroughness of the email.
  • Upon arrival: The front desk did not have a roped off line to navigate through, but a fully staffed counter of agents who were making eye contact and showing eagerness to help me.
  • During check-in: The young woman who helped me was extremely professional and efficient.  She explained the process clearly, helped me understand the property map, and even explained their green initiative which meant my key card had to be in a slot in the room in order for the lights and other electronics to work.
  • The Room: About 20 minutes after settling into the gorgeous and immaculate room, I received a call from the same woman asking if everything in the room was to my liking and whether I’d discovered any additional needs she could tend to.  This was a first!  Very impressive service that costs absolutely NOTHING.
  • Housekeeping: The next day, I was up early but my significant other was not.  A woman in housekeeping noticed on my way out of the door that I did not remove the “do not disturb” sign and asked if I would need service that day.  I mentioned that there was a late sleeper inside which she noted and said that she’d come back mid-afternoon instead.  I thought we may have had to forgo the service – so I was delighted that they were flexible with us.
  • Throughout the stay: There was not a single average experience.  Every employee from bartenders to casino hosts were remarkably friendly, helpful, and thoughtful.
  • Upon checkout: The woman who helped me was once again friendly and efficient and did a remarkable job of predicting my needs.  She allowed me to double check the charges before finalizing, asked if I would like a receipt showing a zero balance, put them in an envelope for me, and then insisted on printing my boarding pass without my even thinking of it.
  • Post Checkout: I received a customer service survey via email.  It was very thorough and asked in several places whether the staff had “anticipated” one thing or another.  It was then that it occurred to me what the x-factor of my visit had been.

Very nicely done, M Resort!  I am impressed!  What experiences have left you with this level of satisfaction?  Please share!